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Cosmo Diary is back. Today’s blog is very  special & near to my heart. The last couple of months have been life changing for me. I got married to the love of my life & today we complete three months of being together. Ayush & I got married in Hyderabad in a crazy big fat Marwari wedding.

So today to celebrate the occasion of our three months anniversary I am sharing our journey together as a couple with details about all the wedding functions & some fun tit bits about our wedding.

The best love is unexpected. We came together as a couple, thanks to fate (and a little meddling of our parents) and started our journey towards forever. Ours is a love story that involves a not very long-distance relationship, two neighbouring states and an enduring friendship that evolved into everlasting love for us. It was that instant connection and the chemistry between us that held and made our bond stronger. We knew from the very beginning that there was a spark between us. We have a similar sense of humour and can exchange inside jokes with just a glance. We can sit in comfortable silence but also talk for hours. Our love for playing online games & trying new dishes has brought us very close.



On 14th of April, 2019 our families came together to accept us as one #VISHforever . The both of us got engaged and on the very same day Ayush had also planned a formal proposal for me. The proposal came as a complete surprise to me & my joy knew no bounds. I loved the way he planned the whole proposal with loads of singing, dancing & champagne.



Next, the brigade moved to Mumbai for a pre-wedding reception one month prior to our wedding. The event was filled with vibrant hues, music and mouth-watering delicacies. Singer Samarth Swaroop rocked the evening and made the audience dance with his songs. The feeling that our wedding is less than a month away was now sinking in. Both the families danced, laughed and it was an evening filled with loads of happiness.



Our wedding was a true showcase of the Marwari culture. All the ceremonies were celebrated with a traditional aura and unbounded joy. Held at the Le Meridien Hotel in Hyderabad , our wedding festivities lasted for three days. All our near and dear ones gathered for an intimate yet grand affair.  The hotel’s beauty added to the extravagance of the wedding, with each ceremony being adorned with eye-catching decor and unlimited celebration.


Our merry making celebrations started with the mehandi function with exquisite floral decor and a playful fun fair theme. My mehandi design was a unique pictorial layout of skylines of both the cities Mumbai & Hyderabad, along with our wedding hashtag. We had the time of our lives, dancing to our heart’s content and playing games. To add more to the fun, the guests got to know their luck at the tarot card counter & getting their nail art done.



The Musical night displayed everyone singing their hearts out, with unending booze, carefree dance moves and whatnot. Everyone enjoyed the melodious songs by Sufi singer duo Aarif & Zeba. We cheerfully enjoyed the event to the fullest, with not a worry in the world! The After party saw all our cousins & friends partying at the rooftop till wee hours in the morning. In the middle of the night, Ayush sang my favourite songs & we danced & danced & danced.



This is a beautiful tradition where the bride and groom’s maternal sides are welcomed and honoured by their respective mothers. The Bhaat function adorned a colourful Brindavan look and Ayush was dressed as Shri Krishna. The place was decorated with peacocks, cows, maakhan pots, etc which gave it a complete Brindavan look and the beautifully dressed people added to it. The function’s highlight was the dance performance by Krishna (Ayush) along with his Gopiyas.



The event next in line was the Engagement cum Sangeet ceremony .The Sangeet night was all about elaborate performances and breaking the larger-than-life dance floor. Both of us surprised each other with our lovey-dovey dance performances. Moreover, there’s nothing better than all family members coming together to deliver exciting flash mob performances. The highlight of the event was our couple portrait painting unrevealed by us towards the end of the sangeet ceremony. We even put our best fashion foot forward wearing pastels yet shimmery outfits. The theme of our Sangeet was Carnival & the decor did full justice to it. It for sure left us with lights in our eyes as we entered the playful dreamland.



Drenching everyone in the wedding madness was a pool side Haldi ceremony which also marked our wedding revelries. It was a fun-vibe affair which saw everyone immersed in yellow. The genda phool decor complemented the vibrant feel for haldi. Bubbling with energy, this ceremony witnessed showers of love and playfulness from our friends and family dancing to the beats of Dhol. The Foot spa at the end of the ceremony was a cherry on top.



As all grand affairs go, the main wedding day was nothing less of an extravaganza. The day was an emotion packed affair with bits of laughter and tears. Setting a new bar for floral decor, our wedding day was as memorable as it could it. Our entries to the Varmala stage was the most dreamy one. My entry was sitting on a Lotus shaped doli in Lakshmi avatar which was really mesmerizing. We were escorted by Bharatnatyam dancers to the stage which was soo blissful. Both of us were going through a complete different feeling which is unforgettable. Ayush & I took our pheras in a picturesque outdoor setting with a white and blush pink decor embellished with an array of fresh flowers. The mandap decor was kept traditional using white roses, golden diyas and extravagant elephant trunk shaped floral figures depecting the marriage ceremony of Lord Vishnu & Laxmi. The musical pheras by Ankit Batra upheld the essence of the celebrations with songs that enhanced the mood of the wedding.


Hope you had a good read. See you all soon!

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