7 Things Money CAN Buy

Hi Everyone,

Let’s talk about MONEY today.

They say that money can’t buy happiness and I positively agree.  However, did you ever stop to consider what money can, in reality, buy?

Really, everything is on the table if you’ve got the right resources and your ability to understand this soon , will help you in achieving your potential in life sooner.

It’s always said that MONEY isn’t the goal, it’s the tool that will get you close enough to it so you can conquer it yourself. Well having enough money in the bank to not worry about your job for a year or two will let you sleep like a baby. See, money can definitely buy you Peace of mind.

Here is a list of seven things that money can help you buy today:



Money is the ultimate tool of freedom. It grants you access and allows you to move freely.

If you have enough money, you can buy your way out of jail – just pay the bail and get yourself a good lawyer who can bend the truth in your favor. (See, our Tiger is still not in jail!)

You don’t like your geography, just buy yourself a new citizenship. Did you know that for 5 million dollars you can buy yourself a green-card in the United States? It’s called an investor visa. Just to give you guys a few prices, buying a passport from United Kingdom will cost you around 2.5 million dollars. (Vijay mallya is chilling in London like a pro!)

To put things into perspective, Chinese people alone spent over 30 billion dollars in the last 10 years in order to purchase their golden visa freedom.


Money can buy you all forms of security. From physical & psychological security, to financial security.

Not only you can hire people to protect your well being but you can also acquire advanced tools that dramatically increase your chances for both survival and prosperity.

For example, a luxury SUV car dramatically increases your chances of survival in a car crash. 

The availability of cash ensures you are positioned correctly not to be affected by fluctuations in the marketplace. When the next financial crisis comes, the rich don’t panic, but instead go on a shopping spree.


Lawmakers Grill Facebook On Privacy Practices

In a world that is becoming more and more transparent by the day, privacy has become a true luxury.

The rich spend tremendous amounts of money in order to keep themselves out of the limelight. (yes, you read it right!)

As quoted by Forbes CMO, “There are people who pay good money to show up in Forbes and then there are people who pay even more money to be left out.”

Almost everybody wants to be famous, but once you are, you realize that living a normal life is no longer possible (the very recent Avicii death case!) . When you’ve got extensive financial resources/ you become a public figure, you become a target. That’s why privacy is something the rich always make sure they have.


Nowadays, it’s easy to see celebrities in chic flack jackets, posing for photos in refugee camps or cleared minefields.

People never dig deeper than the surface, they just read the headline and form an opinion based on that. That’s how the world gets filled with fake news & rumors.

That said, it is something the rich can manipulate in their favour. You can use the power of the media to alter the perception of the people.

Donate to a hospital, but make sure the press is there. Donate to a disaster relief and show up to the ground site along the press will do wonders for your image.(Neeta Ambani, the first lady of the Indian business is a good example of high media presence)

Celebrities especially leverage media to their advantage, because it allows them to earn even more money on the long run.



People who think that “Money can’t buy you time” are wrong, absolutely wrong,  the truth is, money actually can buy you time, you just don’t know how to do it.

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but the rich purchase a big chunk of those for themselves from someone else.

You see, the rich have figured out that they can pay other people to do things they have to do, which would have resulted in them losing time.

This is a very strong concept which if you want to be successful in life you need to understand. You need to be able to purchase the time of others and use it for yourself. They outsource tedious and monotonous tasks so they can focus on more important decision making tasks. The poor are the ones who sell their own time in exchange for money.



Do you not travel because you’re worried about airplane tickets and hotel prices?  Do you decide often against a trip into the city to enjoy a musical shoe and a glass of sangria?  Money can help you expand your mind and bring you places beyond the town you were born in.

Money can expand your flavor pallets well, you’ll discover foods, tastes, smells and other emotional states that otherwise would be unavailable to you. You can go around & try all the Michelin star restaurants in the world. The entire way you perceive the world will change for the better.

On top of everything, money can buy you experiences and experiences eventually turn out into memories which can translate to happiness over time. You can make memories in some of the fascinating & greatest cities like NewYork.



All the things I’ve mentioned so far are pretty incredible and you need serious amounts of money to tag off everything on this list, but this is the beauty of it:


You just need to learn how!

Rich people use money to buy more money all the time. That’s what they do when they “INVEST IT”. Investment is the purchase of goods/shares that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will later be sold at a higher price for a profit.

The sooner you understand how this works, the sooner you’ll be able to escape poverty.

Use your current money, no matter how little it is, to find ways to make more and than leverage that for even more capital gains. Do that enough times, be smart about it and the world becomes your playground.

Or else just sit back & relax & listen to Drake’s: Dreams Money Can Buy and get inspired!


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