7 Never Known Fun Facts About Beyoncé

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Do you think you know Beyoncé?

If YES,  then read this blog and update your knowledge (because i am sure you must not  be knowing the below mentioned facts about ‘Queen Bey’ before,  even if you claim to be her biggest fan!)

If No, then start reading something fun today(this blog OBVIOUSLY!) and along the way get inspired and amazed by the amazing life instances and stunning stories about this billion dollar net-worth personality,  the ultimate powerhouse , the influencer, the pop queen, the brand of brands : Beyoncé

You don’t get to be named the Queen of R’n’B without a strong career and a lot of talent behind, so there’s no surprise that Beyoncé has achieved to be a goddess in the entertainment industry, a fabulous appearance at red carpet events and one of the most gorgeous celebrities of all time.

Here’s presenting the  7 funniest and the most weird facts about Queen Bey that truly makes her the queen of all hearts

1. Queen bey wears 850$ gold on her nails (Like it’s no big deal!)

Unlike some celebrities, Beyoncé pays attention to little details, such as her hair, make-up and manicure. Yes Manicure too!

It was hard not to notice Beyoncé’s solid gold manicure when she asked the 108.4 million viewers of the Super Bowl to “put a ring on it” during her epic halftime performance. And those nails kept shining & shining.

The nails were embedded with the Gold and Matte Gold Chevrons decal by Minx for Bey and her team of 10 dancers. woohoo! too much money queen has!


In the promo shots for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyoncé  decked out in Victorian-era garb of the monarchy, complete with a gold metal manicure. again.

Beyoncé rocked that extravagant golden manicure worth of $850 dollars.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.40.21 PM

2. Beyoncé doesn’t like Kim Kardashian (Clash of clans maybe!)

Beyoncé doesn’t like Kim K & she doesn’t acknowledge her as an A-list celebrity. (So cat fights prevails in Hollywood too. Lol.)

Although Jay Z & Kanye are (or used to be) close friends, Queen bey never  liked him too. She and Jay Z did not even attended the Kim-Kanye wedding. Because, Swag!

And apparently, Kim K is really hurt that she’s being blamed for causing Kanye and Jay-Z’s rift. She is also reportedly angry that Jay and Beyoncé still ‘look down’ on her for finding fame through the reality show. But Queen Bey did not even respond to such allegations. (ignored them like a boss)

Check out these hilarious memes:



3. Her bodyguard once broke her toe (Toe the line!)

This is kind of ironic if you think about it, but it wasn’t his fault. He tried to protect her from the fans, and he lost balance and landed on her foot.

She was angry at first (she must be wincing in pain), but then she burst out laughing because she knew that Shortie (her bodyguard)  is there to protect her and  that he will always do his best to be by her side. Such a sweet gesture!



4.  Wig Collection -$1 million (Hair game strong. Very strong)

Beyoncé’s impeccable and versatile hairstyles have changed drastically over the years and have made her a trendsetter in hairstyles.

Beyoncé’s wigs are mostly handcrafted and custom-made for the singer out of real human hair. (Okay! What? Like really?even i am shocked)

Some of the wigs she has in her collection are worth $10,000 each. And it’s no surprise, considering that she changes her hair as often as she changes her clothes.

Her wig collection is valued at $1 million(WHAT!)

And after she uses the wigs, she donates the worn pieces to an organization that wigs for chemotherapy patients. (CSR activity much?)

5. Beyoncé is Allergic to most perfumes (except her own)

Although Beyoncé is allergic to most of them, she has her own fragrance line, and all the perfumes that she uses, are chemically modified so she doesn’t have an allergic reaction to them.


6. ”BOOTYLICIOUS”: Officially added to Oxford dictionary 

In 2006 the Oxford dictionary officially added the word “bootylicious” to the English language. Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child made this word famous with their chart-breaking song that went by that name. (beauty with brain!)6dedab36fadd9085fdd06fdfd4777485147475cc.jpeg

7.  Sasha Fierce was her alter-ego (who’s yours?)

Beyoncé created this alter-ago in 2003, in order to help her get over her fear of stage. Sasha came about while Beyonce was creating her Dangerously In Love album, but became popular in 2008 after Beyonce named her CD, “I Am Sasha Fierce.” Beyonce says that in real life she is nothing like Sasha Fierce at all, but she becomes her on stage.

In 2010 she declared that she no longer feels the need for this stage persona so she let go of it. (smart, isn’t she?)

Who run the world?



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